Something new happens in the clubhouse

And once again I’m going to talk about clubhouse,
but only as a tip of the iceberg

Inspiration was brought to me by a room generated by Tariq, he created a MUSIC ROOM, where music is transmitted 24 hours a day.

I don’t know if what he shares as classical, experimental music, jonsi, olafur arnald, thom yorke, it will be that it unites us and makes some visionaries and technological vibes, or I just felt at home, and I achieved something different, which I will explain later.

I’m going to play three bullets


As I already said, and I will talk so much about this, advertising, media, news, models, social networks, constant provocative bodies, manipulation and blah blah: exhausts, likes / dislikes, leaves empty, sick and It drain, then a Clubhouse social network arrives in this case, where only people want to listen, we all have something to say, something to share, not to look, but to see (listen) the other. When people already hate the idea of LOOK AT ME, and just want to close their eyes and LISTEN.

So, I don’t want to talk about clubhouse, I want to tell you about the idea of … the IDEA, of not seeing, but LISTENING, you can not be part of the club, or join in for a while, or be addicted … and you fell back into another manic app, I must highlight the idea of  transformation, what happens, where we go, how we change, some of us of course, but I well remember the words of a minor who told me everything turns, when something is very high it is must break, and move people to another side, to be different. We went from SEEING TO LISTENING.
PROJECTION: we can clearly see then that part of the people, consumers, human beings, are changing, this being that I am listening to Tariq Room, where there is no talking, music is listened to, it reminded me of the movie la ¨belle verte¨, where people sit to contemplate the silence, and of course also each other… people told me that within the same app, there is already something different, a meeting place of silence, where music is shared in common, music that unites us. Without listening to people, without raising hands, without mediators, we just go in and share music.

So you, the advertisers, the visionaries, the creatives, the psychologists, the philosophers, can you already guest where we are going?
what else is coming?
new apps?
social movement?
What do you think?
I can tell you I’m working hard on a projection project, if someone feels like write to me, Im looking for collaboration and partners, which have to do with data, valley chair, social psychology, it is great, I hope you love it too.
and you, where are you going?

This time it doesn’t end here!
I have a little interview with Tariq:

VR- How did you come up with making the music room?
TARIQ – with the k-club, my private club on clubhouse, we love to play live and sing. One day I decided to share a playlist of ambient music and open the group to the public. We had more than 200 people joining, and they asked me to keep the music on. Now every night, I play music.
VR- What has inspired you? TARIQ –
In this time of pandemic, friendship is essential, and I have to thanks clubhouse for reconnecting me with so many friends. I believe in the power of music healing. I listen to a lot of ambient, classical, and also movie scores. During the day, I like to put a more eclectic selection.
VR- Do you have any goals? Do you have an associated project?
TARIQ:  Yes, I am big on ethical technology, I am working on the concept of the slow web, the equivalent of organic food for technology. I also have a new project called a platform with good manners (respect your data and privacy)


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